Press’d for Health is a podcast dedicated to producing relevant news in the healthcare industry via weekly podcast episodes.


The Press’d for Health Podcast features weekly guest hosts who discuss dozens of health-related topics – like healthcare provider interviews, news updates in the health industry, audience Q&As and more. Additionally, we encourage viewers to submit their own feedback and ideas.

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  • Recent & Relevant Information

    Press’d for Health is all about recent news in the healthcare industry and relevant health-related content. Think of us as your digital information doctor.

  • Viewer Interaction

    Do you have an idea for the Press’d for Health Podcast? Are you a healthcare specialist that wants to guest host? Get in contact with us! We want to hear from you.

  • Celebrity Guest Stars

    Stay tuned for celebrity guest appearances. Press’d for Health is devoted to bringing you the best of the best.

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In 2015, PressOnDemand became more than just an idea – it became a project. Our determined team got to work perfecting the service.

PressOnDemand was no longer a project filled with dreams, but a project filled with realities. was added to the fold.

Press’d for Health

In the midst of PressOnDemand’s full bloom, the idea of hosting the Press’d for Health podcast was planted. We set to work again.

The Future & Beyond

Today, we count down the days until the official release of PressOnDemand and Press’d for Health. The hard part is over. Join us for the future.