Sephora Keep on Masking Face Mask Holder Is Life Changing


Probably the best $10 you’ll spend in your skincare life is on the Sephora Keep on Masking Face Mask Holder. I picked up this little mask holder when it launched earlier this Summer and since that time I picked up two more. They are seriously life changing for sheet mask users!

If you’re lucky you’ll find great sheet masks that have loops for your ears. These are pretty great as it holds the mask tighter to your face and also prevents it from slipping. The tighter feet allows the essence to absorb more fully into your skin. There are a few brands that do these and they are fab but it seems like less and less release sheet masks with ear loops.

But hey, that’s ok because that’s where the Sephora Keep On Masking Face Mask Holder comes into play. This is a reusable silicone face mask holder which can be washed and reused. To use it you’ll apply your normal sheet mask and apply this on top of it to secure the mask and keep it from slipping off. I was worried it would bunch my mask up but it didn’t. It really secures the mask tight on my face and I feel like the essence is absorbing way better into my skin and no trickling down my neck and face. Not to mention it keeps the mask in place because as we all know sheet masks can be slippery and sometimes they slip around. This holds it very close to my skin and very securely. I think the best part about this is I can now multitasking when I have a sheet mask on. Before I had to lay around for 10 or 20 minutes now I can be completely mobile and do some laundry or be productive while I wear my mask!

If sheet masks aren’t your thing you can actually use this with serums or essences as well. Just apply your treatment of choice, pat onto your face, and place the face mask holder on. This will act as to allow those product to sink deep into your skin!

It’s really a great little tool. I purchased one to use with different essences and two for sheet masks! I love them and can’t recommend them enough!

Do pick up the Sephora Keep on Masking Face Mask Holder!

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