What Does the Press Marketplace Offer?

The Press Marketplace is the best place to find the latest, greatest products hitting the stores right now.

PressOnDemand Press Release

PressOnDemand is a platform dedicated to connecting service providers, clients and consumers. It will change your world, if you let it.

How the PressOnDemand App Conveniences You as a Customer

As a customer, you always have the upper hand. Find out how to use it.

3 Ways the PressOnDemand App Will Enhance Your Business

The PressOnDemand app is useful for enhancing your business in a variety of different ways - here are three of them.

PressOnDemand: The New Way Business Is Done

PressOnDemand offers a solution to service providers, customers and consumers alike. With the PressOnDemand app, service providers can offer their services, customers can search for those services and consumers can purchase goods off the global Press Marketplace.

PressOnDemand: The Service Provider Solution!

PressOnDemand visions a more equitable distribution of profit to maximize value for all stakeholders in our community.

Join The PressOnDemand Network!

PressOnDemand is an “on-demand” marketplace that delivers skilled professionals to the busy consumers.

PressOnDemand user-friendly ecosystem is geared towards convenience.

PressOnDemand (currently beta) IOS on-demand service platform to be powered by smart contracts and the help of blockchain technology.

PressOnDemand Loyalty Rewards Program

PressOnDemand users that maintain a positive balance in their e-wallet will receive airdrops of PCT and other tokens as a appreciation of POD community building loyalty.