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On Demand Services (Problems & Solutions)

A decentralized marketplaces will enables service providers to compete on an even playing field with PressOnDemand..

PressOnDemand: The Service Provider Solution!

PressOnDemand visions a more equitable distribution of profit to maximize value for all stakeholders in our community.

Join The PressOnDemand Network!

PressOnDemand is an “on-demand” marketplace that delivers skilled professionals to the busy consumers.

PressOnDemand user-friendly ecosystem is geared towards convenience.

PressOnDemand (currently beta) IOS on-demand service platform to be powered by smart contracts and the help of blockchain technology.

PressOnDemand Loyalty Rewards Program

PressOnDemand users that maintain a positive balance in their e-wallet will receive airdrops of PCT and other tokens as a appreciation of POD community building loyalty.

How On-Demand Apps are Shaping the World Around Us

Millennials and now baby boomers have witnessed a major transformation in the way they order most services...

PressOnDemand Revolutionizing On Demand Service Industry! (2019)

PressOnDemand technology creates a global marketplace, bringing the world’s billions of individuals and service providers together into one network.

Exclusive PressOnDemand Community Download (IOS) (beta) (Coming Soon!)

Exclusive PressOnDemand Community Download (IOS) (beta) - Web interface, android and linux versions available to users in the near future. POD (beta) application is just a glimps of what the PressOnDemand hybrid platform will be.