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October 5, 2019

#1 On Demand Beauty App Available on iOS and Android – PressOnDemand

There’s an app for just about anything these days – whether that’s for finding the right shade of nail polish or a new make-up look; for booking on-demand beauty treatments (hair styling, manis, pedis, massages – you name it); for fitness trackers and workout booking platforms; or mindfulness aids to calm your chasing minds. PressOnDemand […]

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September 20, 2019

PressOnDemand is a new on-demand beauty, fitness and wellness app.

PressOnDemand is a new on-demand beauty and wellness app. We provide beauty and wellness services to all iPhone/iOS users. PressOnDemand allows customers to book a massage, make up, manicure, hair stylist or a personal training session, with the option of yoga or IV Hydration, directly to their location within an hour from their mobile device. […]

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September 17, 2019

Local Deals with PressOnDemand

Local Deals with PressOnDemand An exciting new feature of the PressOnDemand platform: consumers and sellers are now able to perform local deals via the Press Marketplace! How to do Local Deals With PressOnDemand In the PressOnDemand app (available for Android & iOS), users can book appointments with service providers or visit the Press Marketplace to […]

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How small businesses, freelancers are now earning more?

PressOnDemand: Bringing the Future of Business into the Present PressOnDemand is the global goods and services solution for service providers, product sellers, clients and consumers. As a hybrid, on-demand service platform and online marketplace, PressOnDemand uses machine learning AI technology and military-grade encryption systems to bring the future of business into the present. PressOnDemand in […]

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How to Use PressOnDemand as a Consumer or Client

  How to Use PressOnDemand as a Consumer or Client PressOnDemand is an excellent opportunity for consumers and clients to experience a global service and marketplace platform that truly cares for their wants and needs. Of course, as is with any platform, the first step is learning how to use it. 1 – Register via the […]

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Why Do Mobile Massage Therapist Love Press Debit MasterCards?

As a global marketplace platform, PressOnDemand offers dozens of brilliant features. One feature in particular is the Press Debit Card (Mastercard) – a global debit card that can be used in 210 different countries. PressDebitCard is the fastest, easiest way for the PressOnDemand community to access and transfer funds; enabling users to receive payment within seconds […]

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What Is PressOnDemand Marketplace In-App Store?

In addition to the services offered by PressOnDemand, users will also find convenience in the affordable, top-rated Press Marketplace. With a large variety of trending products to browse through, you’re bound to find the things you really need to assist in your quest to a healthier lifestyle. Let’s take a look at the categories. Weekly […]

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PressOnDemand Press Release

PressOnDemand is your new solution to business management and technological convenience. What is PressOnDemand App? [youtube id=”z3TfF1OweGU” width=”600″ height=”” position=”center”] PressOnDemand is an mobil application marketplace that lets service providers, clients and consumers connect via an easy-to-use platform. Founded back in 2015, PressOnDemand has undergone a four-year journey that helped it to identify its ultimate goal […]

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How the PressOnDemand App Conveniences You as a Customer

There’s no denying that the PressOnDemand app is the future of businesses everywhere – but what about the customers? Fortunately, PressOnDemand makes it a point to focus on the comfort of customers as much as the convenience of service providers. In fact, the PressOnDemand app lets users schedule appointments at their earliest convenience and at their preferred location. [youtube […]

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3 Ways the PressOnDemand App Will Enhance Your Business

If you’re a service provider trying to enhance your business, PressOnDemand is your solution. The PressOnDemand app offers detrimental features that work to heighten your business, increase your customer base and double your income. In this article, we will discuss these features in-depth to give you an idea of what PressOnDemand has to offer. #1: […]

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