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PressOnDemand: Bringing the Future of Business into the Present

PressOnDemand is the global goods and services solution for service providers, product sellers, clients and consumers. As a hybrid, on-demand service platform and online marketplace, PressOnDemand uses machine learning AI technology and military-grade encryption systems to bring the future of business into the present.

PressOnDemand in Brief

Courtesy of a revolutionary vision, PressOnDemand was brought to life in 2015. The journey to connect service providers, product retailers, clients and consumers via one global marketplace platform was afoot.

In the years to follow, the PressOnDemand platform would expand and improve until a new, innovative system emerged. Today, with over 2,000 users worldwide (before launch!), PressOnDemand is the ultimate global marketplace platform that features an intuitive, user-friendly interface and a host of new features.

With the increasing demand for one-click simplicity and technological convenience, PressOnDemand is truly the ultimate solution. And, with over 1 million invested in the development of the application platform, Press is on the high road to success.

Perfection is Key

By the end of 2018, PressOnDemand had fostered its global community participation, completed the development of its iOS and Android applications, and fully integrated SMB accounting and encrypted payment gateways.

In the following months, PressOnDemand aims to continue implementing and perfecting its features – which include turn-by-turn navigation, virtual medical appointments and a robust loyalty and rewards program. In the meantime, users can enjoy access to dozens of new, top-trending products in a variety of categories via the Press Marketplace.

Eyes on the Future

Like many revolutionary platforms, PressOnDemand refuses to draw the line at its original 2015 vision. In fact, there’s a current in-depth plan for further expansion into the second quarter of 2020.

For example, in the second to fourth quarters of 2019, PressOnDemand will be focusing on further emphasizing the establishment of its global market penetration in Africa, Asia, and India. PressOnDemand is already available in 220 countries and territories worldwide, with the notable exception of China.

Additionally, the Press Debit Card – a tool that gives service providers global access to PressOnDemand’s payment platform anywhere that Mastercard is accepted – will be complimented by the introduction of brick and mortar point-of-sale systems in PressOnDemand’s most popular areas.

By the end of 2020’s second quarter, PressOnDemand plans to establish the necessary infrastructure and hardware to provide its services in all areas of the world.

Key Features of PressOnDemand

Some of the key features of PressOnDemand include (but are not limited to):

Access to service providers and independent product retailers within a 50-mile radius

Instant access to required data, including medical records

Unique provider access codes, allowing clients to find and book appointments with their service provider of choice

Military-grade encryption for transactions and the in-app messaging platform

Loyalty and rewards program for community stakeholders

In-app video capabilities for doctor appointments, mobile visits, product reviews and guides and technique demonstrations

Click-to-order on repeat transactions and appointment rescheduling

Integrated customer service support system

Press Marketplace access (top-rated, trending products at affordable prices

Blockchain technology allowing for lower transactions and renewal fees

Secure PressCoin transaction medium



Shamon Jamerson
Chief Brand Marketing Officer at PressOnDemand LLC

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