Local Deals with PressOnDemand

Local Deals with PressOnDemand

An exciting new feature of the PressOnDemand platform: consumers and sellers are now able to perform local deals via the Press Marketplace!

How to do Local Deals With PressOnDemand

In the PressOnDemand app (available for Android & iOS), users can book appointments with service providers or visit the Press Marketplace to shop for selected goods from trusted, top-rated product retailers. Users can choose from a wide range of product categories, including fitness and recovery items, athletic wear, beauty products and more.

PressOnDemand also feature a Weekly Wows section, where users can find limited specials for the week, as well as a $20 & Under category for even more deals on discounted items. Retailers and products on the marketplace will be displayed within a 50-mile radius; similar to service providers on the PressOnDemand platform.

By selecting a product, you’ll be able to connect with the seller via the PressOnDemand in-app messaging platform. Communicate with the seller to arrange for a time and place to collect and pay for your goods, or pay online through the app.

Benefits of Doing Local Deals

There are a host of benefits to doing local deals:

Improving the Local Economy

When you support local retailers and goods providers, you’re also supporting the local economy. On average, 68% of the money from local deals will remain in the area, as local businesses have greater incentive to support other local establishments. Contrast that to 57% of money spent at nation-wide chain stores and retailers leaving the area.

Personal Engagement

Local deals, and especially when done through PressOnDemand, allow you to engage with the people behind the product. Because you’ll be communicating with your seller through the in-app messaging platform, you’ll get a chance to know the seller a little better before meeting in person for the transaction. This helps to build a working relationship between you and your seller.

Better Service Quality

Local businesses, whether providing goods or services, put more attention into their customer service quality and relationships than larger corporations do. This further increases personal engagement, which also means if you have any issues with your product, you won’t have to sit on hold while calling an 800 number and getting shuffled between departments.

Additionally, because local retailers are more invested in their business, they’re also more invested in you as a client and your experience with their service as a whole.

Personalized Service

Local business owners usually take the time to get to know their customers, especially if you’re regularly supporting them. In other words: if you’ve built up a working relationship with a local provider through repeat purchases and communication via the in-app messaging platform, they’ll be more likely to go out of their way to find a product that you’re looking for.


If you have any issues with your experience doing local deals with a PressOnDemand seller, PressOnDemand will help you to resolve the issue in a timely manner.

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