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PressOnDemand: #1 On-Demand Marketplace, Built To Empower The Service Industry.

 "I Love Booking New Clients, While Scheduling Existing Clients With My Annoymous (POD) Service Code." 

        -M. Jennings, Therapist- Los Angeles, CA

PressOnDemand - The App The Pros Use!

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PressOnDemand – #1 OnDemand Marketplace For Goods And Services.

PressOnDemand delivers insured and licensed therapist directly to your door in an hour or less! No need to tip, gratuity is included!


Take care of your body from the comfort of your home, office, facility, or any reasonable location!


Access a plethora of services with the press of a button.



PressOnDemand is currently available in Los Angeles and other selected cities. New locations added daily!

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Unlock Your Financial Freedom!

PressOnDemand provides service providers the freedom to control their earning potential with a simple swipe.


Swipe to accept, decline or modify a requested appointment to better fit your schedule!


 PressOnDemand, It’s that simple!

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PressOnDemand Skilled Service Providers right to your location:





Workout Facility


The PressOnDemand community  recommended fitness, beauty, recovery and performance products available for in-app purchase in the PressOnDemand  Store.   



Notes for your booking:

  • Therapy / Massage as low as $99 delivered to you!
  • Our therapists are available for you 7 days a week, 6am to 11pm (Last Scheduled Appt).
  • You can schedule an appointment a minimum of 1 hour in advance.
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Book, Organize and Manage!

All appointments in the palm of your hand.


  • Be your own boss! 
  • Earn more!
  • Create a greater work life balance!

PressOnDemand, Unlock your financial freedom!

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Book A Service Provider

Select a vetted skiled professional based on your needs:

Performance Therapy (sports medicine / recovery)

Massage Therapy (relaxation / rejuvenation)

Esthetitian (makeup / face/ hair )

Cosmetologist (hair removal / waxing / manicures / pedicures)

Post Op Care (surgery recovery)

Personal Training (Instructional sessions to help you achieve personal fitness goals.)

And more...

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Exclusive Database w/ Custom Design!

PressOnDemand- 3years in development built screen by screen, code by code, line by line!

"My information and clients info were stolen from a application like most today claiming to be an on-demand platform. Lo and behold they were running an out of the box on-demand drag and drop design code template sharing the same databases with 100's of other template on-demand application built from scammer developers with a hidden back doors to steal data from businesses who dont even know are there, yet! I choose PressOnDemand for its original exclusive custom database and design."

 -Jenna C. Hairstylist, New York

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Book A Massage

Conveniently have a massage delivered to your location!


  • Swedish (relaxation and rejuvenation)
  • Deep Tissue (releases knots / toxins)
  • Sports (deep tissue and stretching)
  • Aromatherapy (oils, salts and scrubs)
  • Chair (office or events)
  • Prenatal (mommy-to-be)

Let Press take you to a peaceful state of mind and body!

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App Menu

 PressOnDemand is a powerful user friendly platform which makes it easy to navigate, manage and communicate with clients while also promoting your goods and services all within app.

Grow your clientele through the PressOnDemand app by giving customers your unique service provider code to book directly with you! This code can also be promoted on your social media platforms for your direct marketing campaigns.

                       - CW- Sports Medicine, Los Angeles , CA


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Find Professionals Close To You

Staying in a city or locally? PressOnDemand helps you find service providers fast.


Instantly sort through all service providers within a 50-mile radius.

See their ratings and reviews.



Hassle free booking gives you one less thing to worry about.

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Convenient & Easy to Use Press Store

The PressOnDemand Store has the latest advances in health, fitness, and beauty. Our wellness products are recommended by some of the industry's top professionals!


The PressOnDemand Store has the latest advances in health, wellness and beauty. Our products have been recommended by top industry professionals.


Shop these product categories:

- Best Sellers                 - Performance/Recovery

- Nutrition                     - Beauty                   


PressOnDemand Store prices are more affordable than our competitors due to our bulk buying power. 





The in-app store carries only “Must Have” products. 


The in-app store carries only "Must Have" products. For wider selection visit

Download Our Application:

Download Our Application and
Create an Account:

Available on the App Store
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Audrey Harrison Therapist

Press keeps me organized and booked! I’ve gained so many new clients since joining Press. I love the freedom of planning my own schedule there. And the swipe feature for modifying appointments is so convenient!

Now it’s like I have my own app for my business. I book all my appointments through the Press app.

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Chris Foster Therapist

I love the preferred Therapist Code option. I printed up some business cards with my therapist code on them. Now I’m marketing my services whenever I’m out. It has already grown the number of my clients and my income significantly.

My customers love the Press app experience and I love it too! It has changed my life completely!

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Mary Lewis Therapist

Fresh out of school and 1000’s of hours of practice, I had perfected my craft but had no clients. The Press app was a lifesaver for marketing me and keeping me booked all the time.

I often get booked after handing out a card at events before I even leave a location! Isn’t it amazing?!