PressOnDemand Loyalty Rewards Program

PressOnDemand Community Loyalty Rewards Program

As an additional incentive for the PressOnDemand comunity to use and hold PressCoins we are launching a community rewards program that provides loyalty reward for the periodic distribution of PressCommunityTokens (PCT). PressOnDemand users that maintain a positive balance in their e-wallet will receive airdrops of PCT and other tokens as a appreiation of community building loyalty.  PressOnDemand strongly believes that community members should be rewarded for being loyal to its ecosystem and supporting its long-term growth.

Ambassador Incentives

PressOnDemand and “PressCoins” token holders and members of the PressOnDemand community may apply to become PressOnDemand ambassadors. PressOnDemand ambassadors will function as local supporters, experts and officials of the PressOnDemand ecosystem in their local regions. They must be informed and enthusiastic about changing the world, changing business, decentralization, thinking outside of the box, blockchain technology, smart contract mechanics, as well as the PressOnDemand’s vision for building a more equitable exchange system. Successful applicants will be eligible to remain ambassadors for a minimum of two years.

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