PressOnDemand Revolutionizing On Demand Service Industry! (2019)


The PressOnDemand technology will create a global marketplace, bringing the world’s billions of individuals and service providers together into one network.  Service providers exchange their time and skills for fiat or digital currencies where the entire community utilizes and benefits from the PressOnDemand ecosystem to book, schedule, market, track, report, search, acquire, pay, and receive funds for goods and services.

The POD platform is built on decentralized, state-of-the-art technology which lowers transaction fees and increases the user’s purchasing power for peer-to-peer (P2P), business-to-business (B2B) and business-to-peer (B2P) transactions.

Users will be able to download the PressOnDemand DApp on Google Play and App Store and unlock a world of instant services, direct to their door.


Consumers demand one-click simplicity in everything they do. PressOnDemand has the team and the technology to revolutionize an untapped service market, creating sizable loyalty tokens for its participants, while benefiting service providers and consumers. PressOnDemand is positioned to revolutionize the global service industry upon initial launch and continue well into the foreseeable future!

The global service industry is currently over $3 trillion annually and will continue to grow with OnDemand technology. The reliability of mobile payments has increased dramatically, thus increasing consumer confidence and total mobile spending.


PressOnDemand DApp acts as a portal to an intuitive marketplace that will enable a global decentralized platform to exchange their time and skills for altcoins, Fiat, and other digital currencies.

PressOnDemand provides an all-inclusive ecosystem to book, schedule, market, track, report, search, acquire, and pay for goods and services.

PressOnDemand propriety software will bring billions of individuals and service providers together, granting the ability to trade, accept, or make payments from anywhere around the globe with their mobile device.



Order a service provider to your home, office, or most locations at the press of a button. Powered by smart contracts and blockchain technology, PressOnDemand forms a user-friendly ecosystem for consumers and providers.

Your app. Your time. Your place!                                                                                 comming soon                                                                                                       

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