PressOnDemand: The New Way Business Is Done

What is PressOnDemand?

PressOnDemand is the solution to:

-Business management 

-Technological convenience

-Purchasing goods in the global service industry

PressOnDemand is available via a user-friendly app that lets you offer services locally and/or find services locally. With the simple press of a button, PressOnDemand services can be ordered straight to your home, office or preferred location of convenience.

With patent pending technology, PressOnDemand eliminates the stress associated with offering/finding goods & services. There is no unnecessary traveling involved. There is no calling to schedule an appointment. And, best of all, there are no lines or waiting. You can see your service provider as within one hour of booking.

The features of PressOnDemand are plentiful, and they are geared towards three groups of users: service providerscustomers and consumers. Let’s take a closer look…


PressOnDemand accepts hundreds of unique services – from massage therapy and personal training to meal prep and healthcare. When you sign up with the PressOnDemand app, you are taking charge of more than just your business – you are taking charge of your life.

With PressOnDemand, you can be your own boss. You can set your own schedule. You can choose your days off and increase your overall profit. After all, what is the point of sitting in an office, doing nothing, while you wait for your next appointment? Put more time towards the things that really matter by signing up with PressOnDemand.

Service Provider Benefits:

  • Choose when you work
  • Utilize the user-friendly platform for appointment scheduling
  • Access client-approved information requests
  • Give your exclusive service provider code to potential customers
  • Offer any service (within reason)
  • Increase your overall profits
  • And more!


PressOnDemand is a game-changer for users that want local services at a higher convenience. When you use the PressOnDemand app, you’re able to search through hundreds of services offered by local professionals. Better yet, you can order those services last minute, straight to your door.

The PressOnDemand platform is easy to use and transparent; meaning service provider rates and reviews are available upfront, before you make a decision. And – you can even use the built-in encrypted messaging platform to discuss the details of your appointment with your selected service provider.

Customer Benefits:

  • Order services straight to your doorstep
  • Instantly access a service provider’s rates and reviews
  • Enjoy the click-to-order functionality for scheduling appointments
  • Schedule real-time audio & video consultations
  • Sort through service providers by location
  • Access affordable, top-rated professionals with the click of a button
  • And more!


In addition to a platform for service providers and customers to connect, the PressOnDemand app also offers a global marketplace that specializes in a wide variety of goods and services.

Consumers will find top-quality products endorsed by industry leaders across the globe, and users will jump at the chance to sell their own patented products to potential customers and other individuals.

Some products found in the Press Marketplace include:

  • Supplements
  • Nutritional products
  • Exercise equipment
  • Beauty products
  • Fitness
  • Leisurewear
  • And more!

Still not convinced? Check out the PressOnDemand app and see for yourself.

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